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Guangdong Huxiang Wonderful Culture Technology Co., Ltd.
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4Frequently Asked Questions
UV flatbed printers must know three common sense, UV flatbed printers have a solid foundation in many industries, relying on advanced and convenient printing methods to overcome traditional printing technology. For those new to this industry.
What are the disadvantages of printers, printers, and epson printers? Aiming at the shortcomings of this type of equipment, objectively provide users with a detailed document.
Printer modification equipment often has problems, how the printer is modified, what types of modified printers exist on the market, and what are the common problems with such modified equipment.
UV flatbed printer spray varnish foaming solution, UV flatbed printer print color pattern is completed, in order to achieve a special highlight effect or extend the shelf life of the pattern, you need to use varnish.
Maintenance and maintenance skills of uv flatbed inkjet printer. A UV flatbed inkjet printer can range from 100,000 to hundreds of thousands or even millions. If you buy such an expensive machine, you can buy it to make money. Just technology and people's life Increase in levels.
Common problems and solutions when operating UV inkjet printers, 1. Whether the 26P line (cannot be plugged in) and the data line of the printhead are normal; reconnect it; the data line with normal printhead signal can be connected to the non-jetting printhead.
Precautions for replacing the new nozzle of the UV machine-mutual UV flat printing, in the process of using our flat UV printer, if the maintenance of the nozzle is not good, it will cause permanent plugging of the nozzle. At this time, we need to let the manufacturer send a new one. Come over and replace the nozzle.
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