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Guangdong Huxiang Wonderful Culture Technology Co., Ltd.
400 Phone: 400-900-2513
Address: G101, Lupu International Space Station, No. 15 Changping International Innovation Port, Muxun Village, Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
Phone: 0769-82306016
Fax: 0769-83206255

作为互享科技集团打印设备事业部的中国区运营总部和组装中心,致力于3D数码打印机、数码喷绘、UV彩印技术应用、多介质打印技术的解决方案。 Guangdong Huxiang Wonderful Cultural Technology Co., Ltd., as the operation headquarters and assembly center of Huxiang Technology Group's printing equipment division in China, is committed to 3D digital printers, digital inkjet printing, UV color printing technology applications, and multi-media printing technology solutions. Our products are widely used in various industries such as consumer electronics, daily chemicals, publishing, toys, retail, finance, and services, and provide customers with low-cost, high-return and high-quality services. Relying on environmental protection, energy saving, and rich experience in R & D, production, marketing, brand promotion and management, actively carry out the expansion from equipment manufacturing, technology research and development to the field of e-commerce, closely follow the pulse of the era of science and technology economy and network economy, and provide customers with authority , Professional and convenient graphic and art exchange service platform to create a cultural and scientific service-oriented enterprise.

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