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Enjoy new technologies and create wonderful picture quality
Focus on industrial digital printing solutions & Blu-ray smart device supplier
1Pass prints 600dpi high density, supports multiple colors on one end
1280 nozzles, 150dpi x 4 lines, one nozzle can achieve 600dpi high density printing. In addition, each nozzle row has independent ink supply channels, and one nozzle can support four colors.
Supports many types of ink
The built-in heating plate can heat the high viscosity ink to make it easier to eject. In addition, the ink supply channel is isolated from the piezoelectric module, and the ink does not contact the leaded piezoelectric module, which is suitable for the printing needs of edible ink.
High corrosion resistance and long service life
The Ricoh print head is a fully enclosed print head, and the circuit board is completely metal-wrapped, which can be immersed in ink, which is not only reliable but also corrosion-resistant.
Support multi-level grayscale
Six-level grayscale printing is possible
Multi-pulse drive controls droplet size
The ink droplets fly away from the nozzle and join in the air. Properly adjusting the droplet volume according to the ink viscosity can realize the control from small droplets to large droplets.
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Focus on industrial digital printing solution provider and Blu-ray smart device supplier
Focus on automation equipment control software development, equipment production, sales, application and brand promotion, dedicated to 3D digital printer, digital inkjet printing, UV color printing technology application, multi-media printing technology solutions, has an independent equipment production base, technology research Centers, training centers, exhibition halls, etc.
We can according to the different needs of different customers,
Tailored for you
Deep into true color graphics, arts and crafts, building materials decoration, cultural advertising, furniture appliances, leather textiles, packaging and printing and other industries, the company is constantly improving the application of technology solutions in various industries.
Welcome new and old customers to customize or negotiate business.
The products are widely used, and have obtained national qualification certification, and passed ISO9001: 2015 certification.
Products are widely used in civil, commercial and industrial fields, as well as packaging and printing industries.
Our quality is controlled at every level and we have strict production procedures. We have obtained national qualification certification and passed ISO9001: 2005 certification.
Provide customers with satisfactory services and provide a professional, high-quality and efficient after-sales service system
The company is constantly improving the application of technology solutions in various industries, providing customers with comprehensive services and creating new profit growth points for them.
We regularly visit new and old customers to listen to suggestions and opinions so that we can better serve all new and old customers.
Efficient service
success case
UV Flatbed Printer
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    Into huxiang wonderful culture
    Huxiang Technology Group (International) Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 and currently employs more than 2,000 people. It is a high-tech company specializing in the field of culture and technology. Application and brand promotion, with independent equipment production base, technology research and development center, training center, exhibition hall, etc. The group is headquartered in Taiwan, China, and has a total of five production offices, and has wholly-owned subsidiaries in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Dongguan and other cities in the United States ...
  • Guangdong Huxiang Wonderful Culture Technology Co., Ltd.
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Provide practical, high-quality and professional solutions to 3D digital printing customers for a total of 800 companies
For the cumulative 800 companies to provide high-end 3D digital print customers to provide practical, high quality and efficient solutions
UV Flatbed Printer Board Partner DPS Innovations
Tianjin Puhui Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Banking Technology
Fuji Electric
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